Welcome to Mvurachena Primary School
Last updated 16th of December 2020
Mvurachena Primary School is proud that we have been successfully
educating children since 1986.
Enabling children to excel and perform to capacity is rewarding.

Our approach is a holistic one. This means that the things taught in
the classroom must be relevant and implemented into the pupil’s
daily life. Education is our passion. It’s a triangular love affair – the
school, the parent and the pupil must work together to get the best

This school is a member of the Association of Trust Schools and of
the Conference of Heads of Independent Schools in Zimbabwe. This
means that both the school and the Headmaster are subject to their
professional and ethical codes of conduct and must answer to these
bodies in the event of disputes.

We have small, manageable classes where detail is very important.
We are proud of our academic achievements but stress that there
are no short cuts. Your children will not be able to achieve their full
potential unless you are prepared to put the extra into them – bring
them early, help them with homework, get involved in school
activities. In return, we will ensure that there is always a teacher in
the classroom.

Sport is compulsory and we adhere to the CHISZ Sports Charter, that
is, Best Practice. We encourage pupils to broaden their horizons. We
are also proud of our sporting achievements.

As part of our endeavour to teach the children about the wider
community around them, we have several special events every year.
We hold a clean up day in Chipinge town, tree planting day and a
recycle drive to teach environmental awareness. We also visit the
local hospital to see the children in the children’s ward. We are
fortunate and would like to share our good fortune with others.

Without the support of the community over all these years, the
school would not exist in the form it is today. The school thanks the
whole Chipinge community for their support.

Who our pupils will become depends on hard work, dedication and
support – all must be maximised if they are to reach their potential.
Now is the time, you are the one. Let’s do it!
Mvurachena Primary School
A Country School
The Future Is As Bright as The Children We Teach.
Member of Association of Trust Schools in Zimbabwe